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RetroDECK and Steam Input

RetroDECK handles most of the advanced controller mapping via Steam Input.

All controls in Steam Input and RetroDECK can be changed

Everyone is free to rebind the buttons as you see fit in the any of the RetroDECK's Steam Input profiles, inside the emulators or both. You can make your own profile to better suite your needs and combine it with input changes you make in each emulator.

But always remember if you rebind the keys inside RetroDECK in both Steam Input and the Emulators there will always be a risk that an upcoming update of either Steam or RetroDECK (thus including new versions of the built in Emulators) can come with changes that breaks your profiles.

Also note that if you break your controller profile with your tinkering you can always revert to the Official Controller Profiles or reinstall them from the Configurator.

Prerequisites for Steam Input work

RetroDECK must be added to Steam

In Steam go to the tab Games press Add non Steam game to My library and select RetroDECK to add it into your library or add it via the software BoilR.

Device templates like Steam Deck

Devices like the Steam Deck with a built-in controller you will be able to find the profile under Controller Settings -> Controller Layouts -> Templates.

Connect the external controller to find the templates for them

If you plan on using external controllers, you need to have the controller connected via either: Cable Bluetooth Wireless for the controller profile to show up automatically. You will find the profile under Controller Settings -> Controller Layouts -> Templates.

The following only applies to Linux Desktop:

You must have enable all Steam Inputs in Steam
In Steam go to the Settings tab to go into the Steam Settings, press Controller, enable all Steam Inputs: Xbox PlayStation Switch Pro Generic.