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EmulationStation Desktop Edition: Themes

This section in the ES-DE User guide tells you how to use themes.
Theme settings

What follows is a short summery.

How to switch between themes?

Go into Main Menu - UI Settings - Theme Set to select the theme you want to use.

ES-DE Theme List

Look over at the Theme List and find themes you like.

How do I add additional themes?

RetroDECK uses ES-DE for its interface so any theme that is compatible with ES-DE can also be used with RetroDECK

From the Theme Downloader

Go into Main Menu - UI Settings - Theme Downloader from there you can download a wide array of themes.

From the Internet

If you find a theme you would like to use that is not in the Theme Downloader download it and place it in ~/retrodeck/themes (make sure the theme has its own folder in that directory).