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Known issues

What follows is a list of knows issues. For a list of reported bugs please check here on github: RetroDECK issues

Bigger issues

  • Duckstation memory cards folders are not created making memory cards not work (default for PSX is RetroArch - Swanstation). The path is:/retrodeck/saves/psx/duckstation/memcards/ this can problem can be solved by manually create the folders.

  • Linux Desktop: Wayland Several emulators do not work in Wayland and we recommend using X11 until those issues are fixed either by us or upstream.

Minor issues

  • PPSSPP Retroachievements is in the latest version, you can login / logout / enable hardcore mode normally from the emulators interface. It is right now not configurable in the Configurator (as it works a bit different the other emulators), we hope to have a solution for it at a later date.

  • RetroArch: Gambatte Quitting the core with the Quit radial function makes the core swap the palette while playing GB.

  • RetroArch Borders are in some few cases disappearing in the latest RetroArch version. A possible workaround is to reset RetroArch from the Configurator.

Hotkey and Controller Issues

Not all Emulators has hotkey support; some have partial support, some has none and some has a majority implemented

The plan is to map as much as we can into the RetroDECK Hotkey System below. We are also patching in Emulator Hotkeys with the RetroDECK Framework (if possible) to be compatible with the system. If a emulators later versions adds better hotkey support we plan to map it towards the same functions bellow for a unified experience across as many emulators as possible.

Emulator Issues

  • PPSSPP has a bug in with multi-input hotkeys in their flatpak version, so we did a workaround and bound ESC is Open Menu. This allows you to access all of the emulator features and can quit.
  • RPCS3 hotkeys/shortcuts do not work and they are a new experimental feature. To exit you have to shut down RPCS3 from the Switch Window inside the Steam Deck interface.
  • CEMU has almost no hotkey support.
  • XEMU has no hotkey support.
  • Citra is the only dual-screen emulator that allows a hotkey for changing the screen layout, others: MelonDS, RetroArch, Cemu has no hotkey for it.

Missing Features

We are working on implementing all of these features over the big releases. Some will take longer time then others and we will also add more things to this list when needed.

Missing features:

  • Cloud sync
  • USB transfer
  • STFP
  • Better External controller support.
  • Better gyro support.
  • Dynamic external display resolution support for borders and viewports.
  • All Emulators supported by ES-DE so there at least is one per system in RetroDECK.
  • A Ports Downloader for additional systems and features.
  • A rebuilt Configurator that is a Godot application that support controller navigation.
  • A rebuilt First Run installer in Godot.
  • Better art: Mascot, Easter Eggs, Logos.
  • A multi-user system with user profiles.