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Enable Controllers in Steam:


Not needed for SteamOS and Steam Deck
For the Steam Deck or SteamOS based devices this is not needed as they are enabled by default.

Prerequisites: steam-devices

Make sure you have installed the steam-devices package.

Normally steam-devices is a part of the Steam installation for many distrubtions, but it could be diffrent depending on what you are running.

Steam usually complains with warnings if steam-devices is missing.

If steam-devices is not installed, please check your distrubtion on how to do so.

Enable Controller Inputs

Open up Steam

  1. In Steam press the Steam top menu
  2. Go to Settings this opens up S
  3. Press Controller
  4. Press and enable all Steam Inputs for:
  5. Xbox Controllers.
  6. PlayStation Controllers.
  7. Switch Pro Controllers.
  8. Generic Controllers.
  9. Close the Settings

Change controller templates in Steam


  • You need to have enabled controller input in Steam (above).
  • You need to have added RetroDECK to Steam, more info here: Add RetroDECK to Steam
  • You need to have the controller or controllers plugged in / connected for the Controller Icon to show up next to the Cog icon in each game and

Controller Settings

  1. Click on RetroDECK in Steam
  2. Make sure you have a controller plugged in / connected
  3. Click on the new Controller Icon ๐ŸŽฎ next to the โš™๏ธ icon on the right side of the Steam window.
  4. By pressing on it you will open the Steam Input window wher you can customize the controllers inputs / download community templates / enable the RetroDECK templates for your controller.
  5. Read more information here: RetroDECK with Steam Input and the Controllers and Input ๐ŸŽฎ section on this wiki.