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Steam Deck - Input Guide

Steam Deck - Built-in Desktop Mode Hotkeys and Navigation

The Steam Deck comes with several built-in hotkeys that you can use in Desktop Mode.

Function Button / Combination Comment
Joystick Mouse Right Stick
Touchpad as Mouse Right Touchpad
Left Mouse Click R3 / Right Touchpad Click / R2
Middle Mouse Click Left Touchpad Click
Right Mouse Click L2
Horizontal and Vertical Scrolling Left Touchpad
Left Ctrl L1
Left Alt R1
Space Y
Show Keyboard X
Escape B / Start
Tab Select
Enter A
Left Shift L4
Super Key L5
Page Up R4
Page Down R5
Arrow Key - Up D-Pad Up / Left Stick Up
Arrow Key - Down D-Pad Down / Left Stick Down
Arrow Key - Left D-Pad Left / Left Stick Left
Arrow Key - Right D-Pad Right / Left Stick Right