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Steam Deck - Recommended Software

The following software works great with the Steam Deck and might enhance your RetroDECK or general gaming experience.

Also visit Linux Desktop - Recommended Software as many of Linux recommendations also work on the Steam Deck.

Improvement software


Scripts and utilities to improve performance and manage storage on the Steam Deck.

CryoUtilities Github

Decky Loader

It is a great piece of software that allows custom plugins inside Steam Deck's gamemode. It can add more advanced features than the standard Steam Deck experience offers. But it is a bit more technical to install, please follow the guide on their github.

Decky Loader Github

Plugin: PowerTools

PowerTools lets you do advanced tweaking of the Steam Decks hardware. This can improve performance on certain games in the PS2, GC and above generations.

PowerTools Git

Plugin: AutoFlatpaks

AutoFlatpaks lets you update/install/manage flatpaks directly from gamemode. You can for example update RetroDECK directly from gamemode.

AutoFlatpaks Github

Other Software


Chiaki4deck is a fork of Chiaki, adding features for the Steam Deck.
It is a free and Open-Source Client for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 Remote Play.
It can be used to play in real time on a PlayStation if there is a network connection.

Chiaki4deck Flathub

Discover Overlay

If you use Discord this is a program that adds Discord integration into the Steam Deck's gamemode UI. It is already on Flathub and downloadable in Discover. Note that you need to install and login to Discord as well.

Discover Overlay Flathub