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What are you working on right now?

We are always working on more stuff then shown here. Not all of these might be in the next release some are for later releases. What is presented here is just a short list of currently announced projects to give everyone a quick overview.

To get the latest updates first:

  • Be a member of the Discord and keep an eye on the Open Development channels.
  • Follow The RetroDECK Blog ๐Ÿ“.
  • Look at Github issues for clues.

New Engines

  • MORE!

New Emulators


New Features Configurator / RetroDECK Framework

  • Turning the Entire configurator and first setup into a Godot Application with a controller usable interface.
  • More BIOS Checks
  • More Compression formats
  • SFTP
  • Cloud Sync
  • USB Transfer / Backups
  • Multiuser mode
  • Adding RetroDECK games as Steam Entries and hopefully scraping them from SteamGridDB.
  • Disable/Enable - Quick Resume: Auto Save / Auto Load


  • Emulator Guides
  • Cleaning up the Wiki


  • Develop Rekku the RetroDECK Mascot