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What is RetroDECK?

RetroDECK is a ES-DE Frontend powered Flatpak application that thanks to its RetroDECK Framework it builds-in a variety of software like emulators or game engines that is running the games in one package.

What does that mean?

It means that RetroDECK builds-in all the software that is running the the games and a frontend. RetroDECK then configures them for you and puts them into an all-in-one application you can download from Flathub.

By being one application RetroDECK can put all important files in one location instead of having them spread out over your entire system and even add features on top to orchestrate them seamlessly.

The RetroDECK Framework

As previously mentioned, RetroDECK also adds the RetroDECK Framework on top of the software that allows deeper integrations between the built-in software and easier exposure to a variety of features that you otherwise need to set for example per emulator basis to create a uniformity between them.

The RetroDECK Configurator is the Utility that exposes some parts of the RetroDECK Framework to the RetroDECK users.

What can the RetroDECK Framework and by extent the RetroDECK Configurator do?

It can help with:

  • Compressing games
  • Easier Texture Pack and Mod management
  • File management
  • Tools for troubleshooting (BIOS Checker, Multi-File Structure Checker, Partial or full reset of functions)
  • Auto installing some free BIOSes
  • Install prebuilt Steam Input profiles for devices like the Steam Deck and external controllers
  • Easier management of mods, roms, texture_packs, scraped media, screenshots, saves / states gamelists and more
  • Give access to global presets that can be acitivated to configure things over many emulators in one go like: RetroAchievements Borders Widescreen Mode Swaping A/B X/Y for Nintendo Games