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Lemmy / Reddit


Lemmy/Reddit Rules

1. DO NOT: Post links/discussion of illegal, copyrighted, pirated or leaked content.

  • Post links directly to pirated games, ROMs, BIOSes or shader caches.
  • Partake in discussion or encouragement to in piracy.
  • Ask for technical support for pirated games/software.
  • Post links or discussions to leaked content of any kind.
  • Censoring or obfuscating parts of an link to any part of the content above to bypass filters.

2. DO NOT: Post NSFW & NSFL content.

3. DO NOT: Make posts about: buying, selling, trading, begging, giveaways, self or crowd-funding without asking.

  • You canโ€™t promote crowd-funding, begging, affiliate links or other form of raising funds without asking.
  • Discussing experiences, giving advice or reviews of products related to gaming and retro gaming is always OK!
  • All promotions or marketing must be vetted and approved by the RetroDECK team on Discord.

4. DO NOT: Make posts about anything other then RetroDECK, Emulation or community relevant content.

5. DO NOT: Post hateful comments or posts.

  • Donโ€™t attack any community member on: political viewpoints, religious/non religious believes, gender, race, sexual orientation, age or any other way (if you have been attacked please message the a mod here or on discord).
  • Be patient, be polite, be kind, donโ€™t swear and be respectful to each other.

6. DO NOT: Discuss your political or religious viewpoints here.

7. DO NOT: Spread misinformation

  • Spread intentional misinformation.
  • Impersonate another: entity, company or person.

Vivi e lascia vivere

// RetroDECK Team