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The Discord can be found here:


Discord is a primary communication hub for the RetroDECK project.

Discord Rules

The RetroDECK community spans worldwide and we in the team are grateful for that. We want everyone to feel welcome here no matter who you are, with that said:

We have the following rules (any breakage of these rules might lead to a warning or a ban):

  1. DO NOT: Discuss any type of piracy whatsoever.
  2. DO NOT: Ask for roms, bios, shader dumps, games, anything about taken down emulator projects and where/how to find them and don't PM the RetroDECK team members about it either.
  3. DO NOT: Post NSFW & NSFL content.
  4. DO NOT: Try to sell or promote your products and/or services, this is not a store or a marketplace (discussing experiences, asking for advice and reviews of products related to gaming and retro gaming is fine).
  5. DO NOT: Post hateful comments.
  6. DO NOT: Discuss your political or religious viewpoints here.
  7. DO NOT: Attack server members in the channels or private in PMs on: political viewpoints, religious/non religious believes, gender, race, sexual orientation, age or any other way (if you have been attacked please message a mod in a PM).
  8. DO NOT: Spam or flood the channels.
  9. DO NOT: Share information or pictures about leaked games.
  10. DO NOT: Spoil any new or old game or media. If you want to write about it, use the ||spoiler tag|| to prevent to ruin other user's fruition.
  11. DO NOT: Use โ :speech_balloon:-general for support requests use โ :handshake:-community-support and ask the community help for before creating a official support thread in โ :sos:-support . Before submitting any request please read up on the
  12. DO NOT:Share any type of scam/dangerous/compromising content such as multi-level marketing recruitments , strange crypto & nfts scams, viruses or other types of such content.
  13. DO NOT: Joke about self-harm, you will be taken literally, banned and reported.

  14. Rule 42

DO NOT : Break the space time continuum with time travel and/or para dimensional travelling.

Please help and try your best to do

Instead of breaking the rules DO the following

DO: Try to keep memes, light spam and funny posts in the โ :frog:-random-memes channel (however flooding is always prohibited and all server rules must till be respected even in this channel). DO: Be patient, be polite, donโ€™t swear and be respectful to each other. DO: Try your best to keep the topic in the correct channel. DO: Try your best to help each other. DO: Be mindful that the RetroDECK team is working on this project out of passion and spending their own free time to make it happen. You can't expect 24/7 hours support and help. When you do feel the need to ask for help or advice from the RetroDECK team respect all the rules while doing so.

"Vivi e lascia vivere" RetroDECK Team