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The Discord can be found here:


Discord is a primary communication hub for the RetroDECK project.

Discord Rules

Do not do any of the following

  • Discuss any type of piracy whatsoever.

  • Ask for roms, bios, games and where/how to find them and don't PM the RetroDECK team members about it either.

  • Post NSFW & NSFL content.

  • Try to sell or promote your products and/or services, this is not a store or a marketplace (discussing experiences, asking for advice and reviews of products related to gaming and retro gaming is fine).

  • Post hateful comments.

  • Discuss your political or religious viewpoints here.

  • Attack server members in the channels or private in PMs on: political viewpoints, religious/non religious believes, gender, race, sexual orientation, age or any other way (if you have been attacked please message a mod in a PM).

  • Spam or flood the channels.

  • Share information or pictures about leaked games.

  • Spoil any new or old game or media. If you want to write about it, use the ||spoiler tag|| to prevent to ruin other user's fruition.

  • Use the โ ๐Ÿ’ฌ-general channel for support requests.

  • Rule 42

DO NOT : Break the space time continuum with time travel and/or para dimensional travelling.

Please help and try your best to do

  • Try to keep memes, light spam and funny posts in the โ ๐Ÿธ-random-memes channel (however flooding is always prohibited and all server rules must till be respected even in this channel).

  • Be patient, be polite, donโ€™t swear and be respectful to each other.

  • Keep the topic in the correct channel.

  • Help other members of the community.

  • Be mindful that the RetroDECK team is working on this project out of passion and spending their own free time to make it happen. You can't expect 24/7 hours support and help. When you do feel the need to ask for help or advice from the RetroDECK team respect rule 13.