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RetroArch - Mesen - Texture Pack Guide

The texture_packs/RetroArch-Mesen/ represents /retroarch/system/HdPacks/ folder.

Some texture packs could made for a specific version or region of a game. Make sure you have the right game and textures for it.

Enable Texture Packs in the Mesen core for certain games

From the RetroArch Quick Menu

  • Go to Core Options -> Enable HD Packs set to On

  • Then save the current configuration for that game under Core Options -> Manage Core Options -> Save Game Options

How do I add texture packs that can be used by the Mesen Core?

NOTE: On the Steam Deck this could be easier to do in Desktop Mode.

  • All texture packs go into the texture_packs/RetroArch-Mesen/ folder.
  • The texture pack have to be extracted from .zip or other compressed format into a folder.
  • The name of the folder must be the same name as that of the rom file the texture pack is for.


You want apply a texture pack to a game called ScaryCastle USA.nes and you have downloaded the ScaryCastle TexturePACK

  1. Extract the ScaryCastle TexturePACK
  2. Move the extracted ScaryCastle TexturePACK HD folder into texture_packs/RetroArch-Mesen/
  3. Rename the ScaryCastle TexturePACK HD folder so it has the same name as the rom ScaryCastle USA without the .nes file extension.
  4. Start up RetroDECK and select the ScaryCastle nes games.
    NOTE: On the Steam Deck go into GameMode first, then launch RetroDECK.