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RetroArch - Mupen64Plus-Next - Texture Pack Guide

The texture_packs/RetroArch-Mupen64Plus/ represents /retroarch/system/Mupen64plus/ folder.

Some texture packs could made for a specific version or region of the game. Make sure you have the right rom and textures for it.

Enable Texture Packs in the Mupen64Plus-Next core for certain games

From the RetroArch Quick Menu

  • Go to Core Options -> GLideN64 ->

Use High-Res Textures set to On

Cache Textures set to On

Use High-Res Full Alpha Channel set to On

Use Hi-Res Storage set to On

Then save the current configuration for that game under Core Options -> Manage Core Options -> Save Game Options


Use High-Res Texture Cache Compression set to On - compresses uncompressed HD Textures into .hts files.

How do I add texture packs that can be used by the Mupen64Plus-Next Core?

NOTE: On the Steam Deck this could be easier to do in Desktop Mode.

  • All texture packs go into the texture_packs//RetroArch-Mupen64Plus/hires_texture/ or texture_packs/RetroArch-Mupen64Plus/cache/ folder.
  • The texture pack have to be extracted from .zip or other compressed format into a folder.

Compressed textures in .hts files

Compressed textures that are stored in .hts files goes into the texture_packs/RetroArch-Mupen64Plus/cache/ folder.

Uncompressed textures in loose folders or files

Uncompressed textures that are stored in in loose folders or files goes into the texture_packs/RetroArch-Mupen64Plus/hires_texture/ folder.