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Guide: GZDoom

GZDoom is the open source game engine for ID Software's older games like DOOM, DOOM2, HEXEN and HERETIC or it's own unique games.

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The Freedoom project aims to provide all the content needed to form a complete, entirely free/libre game for the Doom engine.

It is designed to be compatible with most custom levels, music, graphics and other modifications (โ€œmodsโ€) made for the original Doom games by Doom fans and artists over the decades.


Where to buy official DOOM?

We recommend that you at buy both DOOM 1993 and DOOM 2.

DOOM 3 and DOOM 64 are not needed but we list them here because it is sometimes cheaper to buy the whole bundle.

GOG Links:

Steam Links:

What are iwads gzdoom is looking for?

The IWADS Gzdoom is looking for to be able to run are the following:

File What is it? Comments
DOOM1.WAD Doom 1 - Shareware Version
DOOM2.WAD Doom 2
DOOM2F.WAD Doom 2 - French Version
DOOM64.WAD Doom 64
TNT.WAD Final Doom - TNT: Evilution
PLUTONIA.WAD Final Doom - The Plutonia Experiment
HERETIC1.WAD Heretic - Shareware Version
HERETIC.WAD Heretic: Shadow of the Serpent Riders
HEXDD.WAD Hexen: Deathkings of the Dark Citadel Needs to be loaded with HEXEN.WAD to be played
STRIFE0.WAD Strife: Quest for the Sigil - Demo Version
STRIFE1.WAD Strife: Quest for the Sigil - Commercial Version
VOICES.WAD Extra Voices for Strife Needs to be loaded with STRIFE1.WAD to be used
CHEX.WAD Chex Quest
CHEX3.WAD Chex Quest 3
freedoom1.wad Freedoom: Phase 1
freedoom2.wad Freedoom: Phase 2
freedm.wad FreeDM
doom_complete.pk3 WadSmoosh combined file

What is doom_complete.pk3?

doom_complete.pk3 is a file made by WadSmoosh. It can combine all of the "DOOM + DOOM 2 + Official addons" into one file where you can select from all the campaigns without needing to load each separate wad.

Where can I find more WADs?

None-official wads (mods) are all over the internet from old forums, github and various websites.


The oldest DOOM community on the web and hosts of the annual Cacowards.

Doomworld is the lifeblood of DOOM community, generations of knowledge and a vast collections of wads exist within it.


List of notable WADs


Where to put the games

GZDoom games should be put under the retrodeck/roms/doom/ directory.

Supported file types

File type What is it? Comments
.wad Where's All the Data?
.iwad internal wad
.pwad patch wad Have a priority over .wad
.pk3 .zip file archive
.ipk3 internal pk3
.pk4 .zip file archive
.pk7 .7zip file archive
.pke .zip file archive Made for the the Eternity Engine
.epk .zip file archive Made for the EDGE engine
.deh DeHackEd file Edits hardcoded parts of the DOOM engine.
.bex Enhanced DeHackEd Has more features then .deh and used by various ports.
.lev A file that renames levels of a .pwad
.mus Music file Used by DOOM, Heretic, Hexen and Strife

Does GZDoom require BIOS or Firmware?


What are the controls

Read the:

GZDoom - Controls

I only want to play standard doom and have no interest in modding or customization

Do as said above put the .WAD files directly into retrodeck/roms/doom/ and they will run as normal, enjoy.

I have bought the games how do I get my files?

Read the:

How to: Extract Doom iWads

I want to play doom with mods

Read the:

RetroDECK .doom file for modding