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Guide: GZDoom


Where to put the games

Doom games should be put under the retrodeck/roms/doom/ directory.

.doom folder

File types

  • .wad - Where's All the Data? file
  • .iwad - internal wad
  • .pwad - patch wad have priority over iwad
  • .pk3 - is a .zip file archive
  • .ipk3 - internal pk3 file
  • .pk4 - is a .zip file archive
  • .pk7 - is a .7zip file archive
  • .pke - is a .zip file archive made for the the Eternity Engine
  • .epk - is a .zip file archive made for the EDGE engine
  • .deh โ€” DeHackEd file, edits hardcoded parts of the DOOM engine.
  • .bex โ€” Enhanced DeHackEd file has more features then .deh and used by various ports.
  • .lev โ€” A file that renames levels of a .pwad
  • .mus โ€” Music file format of DOOM, Heretic, Hexen and Strife

The RetroDECK DOOM Parser

The Iwad parser will look for any of the CORE DOOM files that could be required to run a DOOM mod in the /retrodeck/roms/doom/ directory.
We have not decided on the entire structure yet under /retrodeck/roms/doom/ but you can follow our efforts on the Discord.

Here is what files it is currently looking for:

            "CHEX3.WAD" "HACX.WAD" "freedoom1.wad" "freedoom2.wad" "freedm.wad"