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Dolphin / Primehack - General Guide

Dolphin feature rich a GameCube and Wii Emulator. Primehack is a fork of Dolphin intended just to give Metroid Prime Trilogy mouselook controls.

Dolphin - Webpage

Dolphin - Wiki

Dolphin - Game Compatibility

Dolphin - Performance Guide

Dolphin - Github

Primehack - Wiki

Primehack - FAQ

Primehack - Github

Where to put the games

Gamecube games should be put under the retrodeck/roms/gc/ directory.

Wii games should be put under the retrodeck/roms/wii/ directory.

How do I use a Real Wii Remote with RetroDECK and Dolphin / Primehack?

To get a Wii Remote working on Dolphin / Primehack and Linux read more here in this in-depth guide:

Wii Remote - Guide