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RetroDECK: Simple Radial Menu

The Simple Radial Menu

On controlleres it is activated by holding SELECT and by moving the Left Joystick, then by pressing L3 allows you press the selected radial button.

On the Steam Deck it exists on the Left Touchpad as part of the SIMPLE Layout.

Radial Button Keyboard Command Emulator Support Icon Comment
RetroDECK Logo Right Click PC-Systems
Escape Escape PC-Systems OpenBOR GZDoom Solarus IkemanGO Ryujinx
Enter Enter PC-Systems OpenBOR GZDoom Solarus IkemanGO
Space Space PC-Systems
Tab Tab PC-Systems
Shift Shift PC-Systems
Control Ctrl PC-Systems
/ / PC-Systems
Alt Alt PC-Systems
F1 F1 PC-Systems
F4 F4 PC-Systems
F8 F8 PC-Systems
F10 F10 PC-Systems
Restart / Reset CTRL + R RetroArch Citra (Legacy) Dolphin/Primehack Duckstation MelonDS PCSX2 Yuzu (Legacy)
Wii Sync Button ALT + W Dolphin/Primehack
Wiimote Upright ALT + Z Dolphin/Primehack
Wiimote Sideways ALT + X Dolphin/Primehack
Swap - Dual Screens CTRL + TAB RetroArch Citra (Legacy) MelonDS Cemu
Change - Dual Screen Layout CTRL + L Citra (Legacy)
Widescreen / Aspect Ratio CTRL + W Dolphin/Primehack Duckstation PCSX2
Change Disc / Next Disc CTRL + D RetroArch Dolphin/Primehack Duckstation