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Buzz Buzzers

The buzzer controllers for the original Buzz Game Series for the Playstation. There are wired and wireless with with a dongle versions.

Steam Input support


Linux Kernel Support

Yes, 2.17 hid-sony

They are counted as normal USB controllers.

Emulator usecase


How to emulate / Configure

PCSX2 - Playstation 2

You can map the buzzers to any input device such as a controller or real buzzers, the controllers needs to be connected.

  • Open RetroDECK Configurator
  • Open PCSX2
  • Go to Settings -> Controllers -> Select USB Port -> Select Buzz Controller from the Dropdown list
  • Map each players Red, Blue, Orange and Green buttons to the controller or input device they are using by clicking on each value and pressing the button you want to map.

RPCS3 - Playstation 3