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Xbox Adaptive Controller (XAC)

Microsoft XAC Website

When everybody plays, we all win.

Steam Input Support


Linux Kernel Support

Yes, since 3.17 - hid-microsoft Kernel Driver: xpad

The xone Project

The xone Project
Has firmwares, udev rules and drivers might be needed to get it to run on your distribution to get the wireless connections working.

How to configure?

As the XAC should be interpreted we Xbox Wireless Controller the RetroDECK team don't see any reason why this should not work with RetroDECK right out of the box.

None on the RetroDECK Team owns a XAC, but we would love to hear from your experiences using it with RetroDECK.

If there is something we in the team can help you with, maybe we can design a better general Steam Input profile for the XAC or any other feedback feel free to contact us on Discord.