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Guide: Ponzu (Legacy AppImage Loader)

Ponzu is an temporary as-is function that is searching for user provided Citra and Yuzu AppImages and make them available as emulators inside RetroDECK.

Where to put the AppImages

Ponzu is looking for the AppImages in the retrodeck/ponzu/ directory (lowercase).

Accepted filenames & versions

  • Yuzu*.AppImage
  • yuzu*.AppImage
  • Citra*.AppImage
  • citra*.Appimage

Where * means that there can be a combination of any character.

How to:

  • Create the retrodeck/ponzu/ folder
  • COPY the AppImages into the folder (as they will be deleted during the process).
  • Open RetroDECK and wait.
  • When RetroDECK starts and the ES-DE Frontend is loaded go to Other Settings -> Alternative Emulators to set the new defaults.

How to uninstall the emulators

  • Open Configurator
  • Navigate to RetroDECK Tools
  • Run Ponzu - Remove Ponzu
  • This removes the Emulators.

Your saves and games will not be deleted, so if you decide to re-install them everything will be as you left, except for the configurations those will be defaulted.

A Full Reset will remove the Emulators

If you do a Full Reset of RetroDECK you will need to do the Ponzu process again.

Q: Should this be seen as official support for the removed emulators?

No we provide zero support, the the only official emulators we support for those systems are Ryujinx and Citra-core in RetroArch (as long as it is shipped as part of RetroArch).

Since the first day of our announcement on both Citra's and Yuzu's removal, we made it extremely clear that we will not provide any new: configurations, bug fixes, improvements, or any kind of support at all, for the these removed emulators. There is also a very substantial risk that future updates of RetroDECK will break the current temporary compatibility, this to be seen as a temporary as-is solution.

At the same moment we also updated our social rules to reflect that any type of discussion about these emulators will come with a warning first and then a ban.

The only recommended use case of Ponzu is the intended function as safe way to migrate to Ryujinx or the Citra-core (finish up, save and move).

We urge everyone to stop using these emulators.