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RetroDECK Boot Splash / Logo

Main splash location

The main retrodeck splash is located in:


This is used at all times unless it is being overridden by the Easter Egg function.

Easter Egg function

The function is part of the functions/ shell script.

The easter_eggs() function looks in the reference list and overrides the bootlogo with one of the .svg files from the referense list.

Decription of the function:

easter_eggs() {
  # This function will replace the RetroDECK startup splash screen with a different image if the day and time match a listing in easter_egg_checklist.cfg
  # The easter_egg_checklist.cfg file has the current format: $start_date^$end_date^$start_time^$end_time^$splash_file
  # Ex. The line "1001^1031^0000^2359^spooky.svg" would show the file "spooky.svg" during any time of day in the month of October
  # The easter_egg_checklist.cfg is read in order, so lines higher in the file will have higher priority in the event of an overlap
  # USAGE: easter_eggs

The easter_eggs() function is as a part of the start_retrodeck() bootup function.

Easter Egg reference list

The reference list is located under:


The config is populated with references with dates and time on when the easter egg splash should show up in the following format with ^ as seperators.

Each new splash logo is added as a new line.



The order is:

  • Start Date: MMDD
  • End Date: MMDD
  • Start Time: HHMM
  • End Time: HHMM
  • The rd-logoname-splash.svg should match the exact filename under res/extra_splashes

Example rd-xmas-splash.svg

The res/extra_splashes/rd-xmas-splash.svg is the xmas splash screen.

The xmas splash in the reference list


It says that the logo: rd-xmas-splash.svg

Should be displayed between:

  • The 1st December and 31 December
  • Within the time of 0000 to 2359 aka 24 hours.
  1. Get a hold of the logo in .svg format and it should have a transparent background.
  2. Rename the logo so it matches the rd-logoname-splash.svg name so if as an example you want to add Easter name it: rd-easter-splash.svg
  3. Put the logo in extra_splashes
  4. Update the easter_egg_checklist.cfg with new information.
  5. Change the date of your PC to when the logo is supposed to show up to make sure it is working.
  6. Done