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Can I contribute to the project?

Yes! Everybody is welcome to contribute in any way possible if it is personal time or funds.

  • Do you know how to code and want to contribute? Please join the development team!

  • Maybe you know graphics, art or UI & UX design? Join the discussion!

  • You can just help by helping others in the support or guide people on various social media and communication platforms.

  • You can also help by just finding and testing the best configurations for the emulators and the roms.

  • Or just help us by doing bug reports on all the issues you find (please check old issues first before submitting a new one).

  • You can also choose do donate to the project over at Donations & Licenses ๐ŸŽ.

Any specific examples of what you need help with?


  • Create new pixel art for the Radial menus.

  • Create easter egg art for various holidays and functions.

  • Create menu art for a new Configurator.

  • Create input art that can be shown when you start a game.

  • Create input art guides for the wiki for the Steam Deck and later various controllers.

  • Create patch note and hype videos.

  • Create instruction videos.

  • Help us make RetroDECK better.


  • Help us put in and make new features.

  • Help us make the Configurator a godot application with full controller support.

  • Help us get releases out faster.

  • Help us make RetroDECK better.


- Help us test cooker builds and submit bugs and feedback.

  • Help us make RetroDECK better.


  • Be kind and follow the rules.

  • Spread the word of RetroDECK if you like it, if you don't like it or have suggestions put them on github into issues or discuss them on discord.

  • Engage with the rest of the community.

  • Help us make RetroDECK better.