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Reporting bugs and issues.

Report all issues to the RetroDECK via the functions below including emulator related issues as we are putting our own framework on top of the emulators. What looks like an emulator issue could sometimes be a framework issue.

Do not report any emulator related issues to the emulator developers directly and their support channels.

If it is an emulator bug and the RetroDECK Team believes it to be a real issue from an upstream emulator that has not been reported, the RetroDECK Team will then report and discuss it directly with the emulator developers.

Before you report:

How to Report?

RetroDECK's main issue tracker is on GitHub and we try to keep it clean and just have โ€œrealโ€ issues. General guidance or help is what Discord, Wiki and the rest of the RetroDECK community are for.

The general rule of thumb is:

  • If it is something you want to discuss, do not understand, want to ask a question, or just need general guidance start with ๐Ÿค-community-support channel on Discord. Things submitted here will be answered by the community or sometimes the RetroDECK Team.
  • If you think it is something bigger or semi-certain what the issue is but lack the technical knowledge and want to have a deeper discussion do it the ๐Ÿ†˜-support channel on Discord. Things submitted here are mostly discussed with the RetroDECK Team but certain community members might join.
  • If you know what the issue is and maybe even have found a solution for it submit it directly on Github.

The RetroDECK Team tries our best to spread any knowledge, tips, or clarifications from Discord or other RetroDECK communities, so it ends up on the Wiki via either separate articles or updating the FAQ.



Discord is used for more guidance type issues and community support.


GitHub issues

GitHub is RetroDECK's main issue tracker where development and known issues are submitted by the community and by the RetroDECK team from reports on Discord or other community channels.