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Inspiration for RetroDECK and goals

RetroDECK is inspired by embedded emulation systems like:

  • AmberELEC
  • EmuELEC
  • CoreELEC
  • Lakka
  • Batocera

The RetroDECK team consists of several veterans from some of the projects mentioned above as well as a bunch of other talented other individuals.

What are the long term vision and goals of the RetroDECK project?

The long term vision and goals of the project is an all-in-one application to manage your entire retro games backup library that is:

  • Already configured and should just work with your games.

  • Has disaster recovery and multi device support: with cloud saves and syncs.

  • Easy to install with one click installation.

  • Easy to use and provide a "Console-like / Batocera-like" featured user experience.

  • Easy to manage your collections of roms, mods and romhacks.

  • As much as possible should be configurable from inside RetroDECK itself without needing to exiting the application.

  • Make tighter integrations with bundled emulators and expose more features and ways to handle them to the end users.

  • Should be secure, safe, and stable.

  • Should have an easy way to mange external controllers and other inputs.

  • Should support a majority of all supported Emulators in ES-DE, so at least you have one good option per system.

  • Should in the long run support applications outside of the scope of ES-DE via a ports manager.

  • Should be plug and play and fill the need for a portable retro gaming solution that you can bring on the go to a friendโ€™s/family/others house. Just dock into the TV and get going!

  • Should fully support Steam Deck, Linux Desktop, other SteamOS or Linux based devices.