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Citra - Mod Guide (Legacy)

The ~/retrodeck/mods/citra/ represents the /load/mods/ folder in Citra.

TITLEID is different for every game.

How do I add mods?

Requirements: Mod files

NOTE: On the Steam Deck this could be easier to do in Desktop Mode.

There are two ways of adding mods into Citra

From Citra

  1. Extract any mod from compressed .zip or any other format to folders.
  2. Open up Citra inside RetroDECK Configurator by pressing Open Emulator - Citra.
  3. Right click on the game you want to add mods into.
  4. Click on Open Mods Location.
  5. Paste the mod files inside that directory, each folder is stored by the TITLLEID of the game.
  6. Quit Citra

From the mod folder directly

  1. Extract any mod files from compressed .zip or any other format into folders.
  2. Go into ~/retrodeck/mods/citra/. The folders are all named by TITLEID.
  3. Past the mods into the right ~/retrodeck/mods/yuzu/<TITLEID> folder.