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GZDoom Controls

Known issues

  • Multiple controllers for local multiplayer don't really work as there are bugs between GZDoom and Steam Input.
  • You need to have set the primary controller as player one as all the other players input will cause the inputs to loop sometimes. For example if you are docking the Steam Deck and want to use an external controller, set that controller as player 1 via Steam Input and not the Steam Deck.
  • Pressing "Save configuration" within the GZDOOM options menu and you have mods that adds extra controls will wipe those extra controls. It is better just to set the inputs without pressing save as they still will be saved.


The controls are semi based on the inputs from Timesplitters: Future Perfect for the Playstation 2.

The controls here are described as an Xbox Layout style controller.

Action Button Comment
Primary Fire R2
Secondary Fire R1
Action / Open A
Jump B
Reload Y
Crouch X
Quick Turn R3
Run Toggle L3
Main Menu Start
Open Map Select
Use Item Dpad - Down
Select Item Dpad - Up
Swap Next Weapon Dpad - Right
Swap Previous Weapon Dpad - Left
Movement: Forward / Back + Strafe Left Joystick
Movement: Look Up / Down + Turn Right Joystick

Mod Extras

Optional extra binds that can come into play for certain Project Brutality or Brutal Doom based mods.

Action Button Comment
Quick Melee / Special Action L1
Throw Grenade / Second Special Action L2 Replaces Zoom (most DOOM mods use Secondary Fire for this anyhow)
Dash R3 Replaces Quick Turn

The mod needs more or other extra inputs

Many mods have also more inputs then what is bind-able on a controller, L1, L2, Dpad - Up, Dpad - Down are mostly free for those types of actions.

Try to bind L1, L2 to more action orientated things you need to use more often. While Dpad - Up, Dpad - Down for things you use less often like Extra Menus.

If it is a new movement type that can replace quick turn try to bind it on R3 and replace Quick Turn or either of the L1 or L2.

You are also free to change any of the Default binds shipped by RetroDECK and if you mess something up you can always reset GZDoom via the Configurator.