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ScummVM - General Guide

This guide works for both the ScummVM RetroArch Core and ScummVM-SA

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Where to put the games?

ScummVM games should be put into the retrodeck/roms/scummvm/ directory.

Does ScummVM require BIOS or Firmware?


How to: Get games to show up inside the ES-DE interface

In this example we got a game we want to add: Beneath a Steel Sky

Step 1: Add the game

Move the uncompressed game into the retrodeck/roms/scummvm/ folder.
The result should be: retrodeck/roms/scummvm/Beneath a Steel Sky/

Step 2: Check the ScummVM ID of the game

Go into ScummVM Game Compatibility and ID List
Search for Beneath a Steel Sky make a note of the ScummVM ID in this case called: sky

Step 3: Create the .scummvm file

  • The .scummvm file starts as a empty textfile that needs to be created in each game you want to adds directory.
  • It should be named <ScummVM_ID>.scummvm
  • In our example the file will be called sky.scummvm and should be created in retrodeck/roms/scummvm/Beneath a Steel Sky/

The end result should look like:
retrodeck/roms/scummvm/Beneath a Steel Sky/sky.scummvm

Step 4: Open the .scummvm file and add the ScummVM_ID

Open up the empty sky.scummvm file and just type in the <ScummVM_ID> in the first row of the file and save in this example sky. Make sure you don't add any spaces or linebreaks and the file should just contain the word sky.

Step 5: The game should now run

The game should now be added to the ES-DE interface from the retrodeck/roms/scummvm/Beneath a Steel Sky/sky.scummvm file you just created and can be played after you reload RetroDECK from the Configurator or re-launch the application.