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PICO-8 - General Guide

PICO-8 Fantasy Console is a game engine developed by Lexaloffle Games that you need to buy a license to use.

Where to buy?


The Voxatron bundle is almost always the best deal over at Lexaloffle's website as you get both engines for only 5$ more.

Where to put the games

PICO-8 games should be put under the retrodeck/roms/pico8/ directory.
The games can come in the format: PNG.

Does Pico-8 require BIOS or Firmware?

Yes, it requires the Pico-8 software with the Pico-8 license that can be bought above.
From it you should get a download link for all the versions.

Extract the zipfile of the Linux version into:


So it should look like:

retrodeck/bios/pico-8/pico8 (and all the other files)

Note about scraping

Pico-8 games can be poorly named and it could be hard for ScreenScraper or IGDB to find it. In some cases it could be easier to turn on interactive mode in the scraper settings and try to do it manually one by one.