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April 2023 - Status Update

Please note that this was written for Lemmy/Reddit and copied over to the new RetroDECK Wiki

Hello community!

We in the team thought we could give you a quick status update on how development is going.

Status update 2023-04:

Controls, Controls, Controls!

Right now we are working on a huge overhaul of the Steam Deck's input profile for GameMode that should feature a more uniform hotkey configuration for version v0.7b across most emulators.

The team have painstakingly made a huge map (excel) with all the emulators hotkeys, how they can be mapped and in the end classified as important, semi-important och not important.

The thoughts so far:

  • L4-L5 and R4-R5 (the back buttons) are used for various hotkey combos with the traditional buttons. We have to find a layout that feels right and it should allow us do a lot of hotkey binds.
  • The left touchpad opens a radial menu with sub menus that gives you more quick access to less used and the frequently used hotkeys across all emulators.
  • The right touchpad works as a mouse with left click (WiiMote games, Lightgun, navigate the emulators gui and other things)

There also will be a community feedback and test phase for the new inputs at a later date. We would love to hear your feedback!

Note: You are not forced to use our profile, you can still make your own and rebind how you want.

Expose new folders for ease of access:

For v0.7b we are going to make it easy to understand where to find the various gamelist.xml and where to put mods and textures. We are adding/exposing folders in the main retrodeck folder for ease of access. So you will find new folders for gamelists mods textures.

No more deep diving into various hidden folders of where to put your textures and mods in Citra for your favorite Zelda game!

Just put them in the corresponding mods or texture folder and you should be good to go.


We are also trying to get CEMU inside the next version of v0.7b

Trivia: Patch names

We will also start with naming the big patches from v0.7b and forward.

So v0.7b will be called "RetroDECK v0.7b - Amazing Aozora".

It will go up one letter for each version so v0.8 will be a word combo that contains "B B" and v0.9 will be a combo with the letters "C C" and so forth.

What else?

There are a lot of other things in the pipeline as well for v0.7b. But we shall save those for a future update (when we have something to share and we don't want to spoil everything).

If you want to help with out with the project or just chat join the discord.

Discord Server


//The RetroDECK team