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March 2023 - Status Update

Please note that this was written for Lemmy/Reddit and copied over to the new RetroDECK Wiki

Hello community!

We in the team thought we could give you a quick status update on how development is going.

Status update 2023-03:

First of we are working out some bugs and issues with Duckstation and Primehack, the later will have a totally from the ground up redone configuration for a more optimized experience.

RetroDECK is also moving to another cloud provider for our buildserver and website, sponsored by one generous community member (THANKS!).

Another recent breakthrough was getting chdman the compression tool for disc based games running inside a flatpak (sandbox environment). It should be accessible later in a future version via CLI and we will check if it's possible to a build in GUI for it later in the future.

Also the work to add borders into the emulators that support it has also begun and we are targeting the next major version.

There are some experimenting with ES-DE 2.0 and the new theme engine.

We are also trying to do a totally new universal and uniform controller profile for the Steam Deck that should work for all the emulators (fingers crossed).

There are a lot of other things in the pipeline as well. But we shall save those for a future update (when we have something to share).

If you want to help with out with the project or just chat join the discord.

Discord Server